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YAOITAKOJI❌STOCKLURES Collaboration lure【DONS】【Gillking】

YAOITAKOJI❌STOCKLURES Collaboration lure【DONS】【Gillking】

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Collaboration lure




We have put together a new drawing of a black bass and a bluegill by artist Yaoita.

This is a collaboration that combines the overwhelming and delicate drawing skills of artist Yaoita,

Stock Lures' long-standing lure manufacturing techniques,

and the action that catches fish!

●Once your order is placed, it will be completed and delivered between the end of September and early October.

●Please pay for the type and quantity you want.

●This lure was developed while fishing for black bass in Japan.  Each piece is handmade.

●Tariff is not included in the product price.  If any tariff are incurred after shipping, the buyer will be responsible for paying them.

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